The Company

  • Who we are

    We are one of the best providers in techical support and consulting, in the retail market. We offer integrated solutions and services customised in order to fullfil our customer's needs. We develop products according to the most recent market demands in order to enchance our client's competitive advantage.

    Whenever you want to utilise our expertise and state of the art technologies, in order to take precedence in your field, we can offer you the solution that best suit your needs.

  • What Distinguishes Us

    ITS S.A. offers value to the customer investments, thanks to the rich experience and expertise of its employees. Acting as a partner to our clients, we implement and formalize automated workflows in order to optimize business processes. ITS integrates different applications and provides the optimal solution according to our client's needs.

    Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Based on our experience and by observing the market's trends, we offer services that improve business operation.

  • People

    The members of our team have extensive experience in informatics and share a passion for computer science and new technologies.

    The majority of our team members have been working for many years at Greek or multinational companies before joining ITS. This accumulated experience contributes to create a strong and multitalented team.

    Our professional and highly educated support team, can assist our customers 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.


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